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Volunteer Center

Volunteer Education Center

Welcome to the Education Center for Hospice of Cincinnati volunteers. Here you can print and/or download common documents that are circulated among the volunteer staff. Please check back frequently as new documents are added to this area all the time!

- HC LTC Volunteer Form (PDF or Excel)
- Tax Deductions for Volunteers (PDF or Word)

Educational Opportunities

Cultural Diversity
- African-American Cultural Considerations
- Jewish Cultural Considerations
- Latino Cultural Considerations
- Muslim Cultural Considerations

Mandatory Continuing Education

Dear Volunteers,

All volunteers must review the Annual Mandatory Education General Safety and Infection Control and take the AME quiz. All Inpatient Care Center volunteers must review the Inpatient Care Center Emergency Plan and take the quiz.  Note there is one universal plan and quiz for all IPCC’s. All home care, long term care or community volunteers must review the Community Emergency Preparedness for Volunteers and take the quiz.

There are two ways to complete the quiz:

  1. Email your answers. To submit your answers electronically, download and save a copy of each quiz below in Word format, type in your answer for each question, and email your completed quizzes as an attachment to Jo Ann at joann_ropp@trihealth.com.

  2. Submit your answers on paper. To print out and submit the quizzes on paper, download and print each quiz in PDF format, and mail them to Jo Ann at the address below.

    Mail completed quizzes to:
    Jo Ann Ropp, Manager Volunteer Services
    Hospice of Cincinnati
    4310 Cooper Rd
    Cincinnati, OH  45242

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this process please contact your coordinator:

barbara_kitchen@trihealth.com  246-9570
katherine_ely@trihealth.com  246-9628
lisa_smythe@trihealth.com  246-9507
judy_russell@trihealth.com  246-9168
joann_ropp@trihealth.com  246-9166

Annual Mandatory Education
- AME General Safety and Infection Control
- AME Quiz (PDF or Word)

Inpatient Care Center Emergency Plan
- Inpatient Care Center Emergency Plan
- Inpatient Care Center Quiz (PDF or Word)

Community Emergency Plan
- Community Emergency Preparedness for Volunteers
- Community Quiz (PDF or Word)