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How Can We Help? Answer 7 simple questions to see whether we can assist and support your family.
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Pathways for End Stage Heart Disease - For FAMILIES

When is it time for the Pathways End Stage Heart Disease Program?

Answering these simple questions may serve as a guide:

  1. photoAre your (or your loved one’s) heart medications no longer effective in managing symptoms?
  2. Do you (or your loved one) have significant symptoms even while resting?
  3. Do you (or your loved one) sometimes experience disabling shortness of breath while resting, resulting in decreased ability to do the things you (or he or she) want and need to do?
  4. Do you (or your loved one) have other health issues such as renal insufficiency or pulmonary (lung) disease?
  5. Has your physician told you (or your loved one) that a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or transplant is NOT an option?
  6. Are you or your loved one ready to seek “aggressive comfort care” instead of aggressive treatment?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, now may be an appropriate time to discuss Hospice of Cincinnati with your physician or one of our clinical professionals. Feel free to call us directly at 513-792-6900.

Pathways for End Stage Heart Disease Literature and Materials

Course of Cardiac Illness Over TimeEnd Stage Heart Disease Triggers
• Optimally treated with heart medications
• Significant/recurrent symptoms at rest
• Disabling dyspnea at rest
• Has co-morbidities (renal insufficiency,
   pulmonary edema, dementia)
• Hospitalized 2x in 6 months
• Self care becomes difficult
• Onset of illness 2-5 years, but decline
   seems ‘sudden’